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I was a much more avid reader in my youth... before the days of PCs and gaming consoles. Now I find myself working in a job filled with long, slow periods of extreme boredom (punctuated by brief spells of intense excitement) which gives me a lot of time to pick up my reading again.

The only thing that I curse is my near-eidetic memory when it comes to books that I have read which can ruin my future enjoyment and re-reading of many of my favourite books (I tend to skip the 'slow, boring bits'). As a result I find myself mentally forcing myself to read each page slowly and carefully whenever I re-read a book to prevent myself from jumping forward to the more exciting parts that I remember.

I Am The Secret Footballer: Lifting the Lid on the Beautiful Game - The Secret Footballer "It is often said that 95% of what happens in football takes place behind closed doors. Many of these stories I shouldn't be telling you about. But I will."

So reads the blurb on the back cover.

If only the book actually lived up to it....

I went into this book thinking that it might actually 'lift the lid' and expose secrets and stories that people hadn't already heard many times over already. Instead. far too much of the book is filled with the kind of stories that you hear regularly touted as 'shattering' on various TV shows by pundits or former players.

About the only 'new' thing was the 'player agent' answering questions from fans via Twitter - something that the Secret Footballer actually lifted directly from his column in 'The Guardian' newspaper... It's not new, and it's not even remotely 'shattering'.

I did so desperately want to like this book. It is well written. You can see, as a reader, that the player (whomever he may be) is writing from the heart.

But too much of it is simply a rehash of his regular columns and fails to meet the expectations that the blurb envisions.

It is only because GR doesn't have a half star feature that enables this book to score the full 2-stars that I give it...

..and in some respects I wonder if even that is too generous.

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