Cmdr Shepard's favourite books on the Citadel

I was a much more avid reader in my youth... before the days of PCs and gaming consoles. Now I find myself working in a job filled with long, slow periods of extreme boredom (punctuated by brief spells of intense excitement) which gives me a lot of time to pick up my reading again.

The only thing that I curse is my near-eidetic memory when it comes to books that I have read which can ruin my future enjoyment and re-reading of many of my favourite books (I tend to skip the 'slow, boring bits'). As a result I find myself mentally forcing myself to read each page slowly and carefully whenever I re-read a book to prevent myself from jumping forward to the more exciting parts that I remember.

Battle Angel Alita, Volume 5: Angel Of Redemption - Yukito Kishiro Another of my favourite manga series that initially got me interested in Japanese manga and anime, Battle Angel Alita is another classic Japanese manga from the early 1990s.

This series tells the story of an amnesiac female cyborg named Alita, whose head and upper torso are found in a state of suspended animation by cybermedic/bounty hunter Daisuke Ido while he is searching for useful scrap, and follows her as she recovers her past.

Having retired from the motorball circuit Alita returns to live with Doc Ido. Her old 'berserker' body is missing however, and she soon learns that it is in the hands of Desty Nova, a name which gives Doc Ido pause. Meanwhile, former Hunter-Warrior Zapan, who was presumed killed when he tried to kill Alita and her lover Hugo, returns after killing his own lover, Sarah. Zapan is eventually defeated by Alita and Sarah's father.

Doc Ido approaches Desty Nova to purchase the berserker body and discovers Nova has resurrected Zapan. When Nova attempts to power up the berserker body, the unit goes haywire and fuses with Zapan's brain. Instantly the newly-reborn monster begins hunting Alita for revenge, destroying everything Alita holds dear. Her only hope of saving herself and destroying Zapan is to break Tipharan law...

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