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I was a much more avid reader in my youth... before the days of PCs and gaming consoles. Now I find myself working in a job filled with long, slow periods of extreme boredom (punctuated by brief spells of intense excitement) which gives me a lot of time to pick up my reading again.

The only thing that I curse is my near-eidetic memory when it comes to books that I have read which can ruin my future enjoyment and re-reading of many of my favourite books (I tend to skip the 'slow, boring bits'). As a result I find myself mentally forcing myself to read each page slowly and carefully whenever I re-read a book to prevent myself from jumping forward to the more exciting parts that I remember.

The Job: Fighting Crime From the Frontline - Charlie Bezzina, Ben Collins Charlie invites the reader into the history of his distinguished career within the Victorian Police Force, including his 17 years as one of the state's (if not Australia's) leading Homicide investigators. His recollections of his early days as a young constable, through to his final gut-wrenching decision to resign are not qyuite "warts-and-all", but one gets the impression that Charlie has left very little non-confidential material out of this book.

The final chapters deal with Charlie's treatment by Police Command, several of whom later found themselves the target of community scorn for their own behaviours and failed management styles. It was this treatment that eventually caused Charlie's resignation, as well as the loss of 80 years (and over 700 individual invetigations) worth of experience from the Homicide branch, as well as other branches as a result of a misguided attempt to stop the 'experience drain' of seasoned and experienced investigators. Ironically it was this policy that caused a far greater loss of experienced investigative personnel than anything else (retirement, etc).

This is an extremely well-written book by an accomplished and talented man, the loss of whom Victoria Police should be lamenting for at least the next 20 years.

Thank you for your years of service to the community Charlie.

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