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I was a much more avid reader in my youth... before the days of PCs and gaming consoles. Now I find myself working in a job filled with long, slow periods of extreme boredom (punctuated by brief spells of intense excitement) which gives me a lot of time to pick up my reading again.

The only thing that I curse is my near-eidetic memory when it comes to books that I have read which can ruin my future enjoyment and re-reading of many of my favourite books (I tend to skip the 'slow, boring bits'). As a result I find myself mentally forcing myself to read each page slowly and carefully whenever I re-read a book to prevent myself from jumping forward to the more exciting parts that I remember.

Chronicles of the Cursed Sword, Volume 5 - Yeo Beop-Ryong, Park Hui-Jin In the 'Era of the Warring States', Emperor Moosunje has gotten his hands on a powerful sword, known as the PaChun. The PaChun absorbs the blood of humans and gives its wielder amazing power rival only to the power of its counterpart - the PaSa, which gains its power from absorbing the souls of demons....

Is it possible that Rey Yan and the PaSa sword could allow the Demon Emperor to take over both the Demon Realm and the Mortal Realm? The Sorceress of the Underworld believes that Rey could be the only one who capable of preventing this, and destroying the Demon Emperor once and for all.

But as she investigates Rey and his destiny, the evil sorcerer Shiyan advances his plot to takeover the Kingdom of Hahyun with help from the Demon Realm. To do so he must find a new swordsman to weild the other cursed blade - the evil PaChun sword....

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